Tool, Die and Mold Making

Newbould SpinMastr

The SpinMastr combines featues of precision Newbould products with new ideas for a more versatile tool. It can be used either horizontaly or verticaly by removing the detacable foot. While the Spinmastr is larger and stronger then previous tools, it is compact and low profile. The bearing race is larger and is of "Gothic Arch" design for guaranteed accuracy better than 1 micron (0.000040").

Newbould Model 300 Grindit

  • Indexing via graduated degree ring, 24 position fixed shot pin and sine based
  • Store up to 30 positions with adjustable stops one stop each position
  • Zero null feature allows 20 degrees floating zero point

Newbould Model 300 Grindit

Newbould Model 202 Indexer

  • Unlimited dial indexing direct reading in degrees, minutes & seconds.  1,296,000 possible positions
  • Store up to 36 positions with adjustable stops, one stop each position
  • Three ways to index; direct dial, 24 position fixed shot pin, sine based
  • Zero null feature allows 15 degrees floating zero point
  • Use as manufacturing or inspection tool
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