Diamond and CBN Abrasive Tools

DIACUT Thinwheel System

They are very accurately made to allow precision slot grinding 0.004" to 0.250" width in increments of 0.001" There is no need to dress the wheel width and risk loss of tolerance or possible breakage, when you can buy the wheel to the correct width instead.

Thin Wheels are mounted between precision flanges for maximum support. Multiple wheel gang sets can be used to improve productivity with multiple slot operations.

Diacut offers both 1A1 and 1A8 type wheels with 24 hour shipment.

Diamond Plated Routers

Diamond routers for use with hand tools, routing machines, milling machines - horizontal and vertical. These tools are made specifically to machine, trim, grove, and grind forms in abrasive or abrasive filled materials. Effectively used on fiberglass, aluminum oxide, bakelite with abrasive filler, carbon(unfired), melamine plastic and many other composite materials.

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Ferrite

Diamond plated form wheels for the finish grinding of ceramic and rare earth magnets.

Superabrasive Single Pass Bore Finishing Tools

  • Wide range of tolling immediately available from stock
  • Speeds finishing operations on a wide variety of materials
  • Provide predictable, consistent, hole size and geometry...for near zero rejection rates
  • Helical design reduces tool loading, overheating and torque requirements...for extended life

Diamond Plated Edge Band Saws

The following chart will give you a quick guide to applications and suggested diamond band size.

Tapered Diamond Plated Reamers

Tapered diamond reamers. These conical grinding tools provide the fastest, cleanest, and most accurate means of reaming bores in all types of glass containers and lids, as well as ceramic ware. They run faster, cooler, and last longer.

CBN Plated Broach Sharpening Wheels

  • Aggressive grinding with less burnishing
  • Broach remains cooler
  • No dressing required
  • No dressing diamond expense
  • Big savings - wheel is recycled, not thrown away
  • Available in any form, and in variety of grit sizes

Diameter: 5" and 6"

Width: .25" to .75"

CBN grit size:

  • 80/100
  • 100/120
  • 120/140

Diamond Plated Core Drills

Diamond core drills are used with drilling, milling, and special machines. Core drills provide efficiency and trouble-free core drilling of holes or plugs in glass, quartz, silica, ceramics, refectories, abrasive blocks and composite materials.

Diamond and CBN Plated Grinding Mandrels

Diamond or CBN plated grinding pins, properly applied, provide a fast, free-cutting means of yielding maximum stock removal and uniform holes ground to extremely close tolerances, at the lowest possible cost.


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