Direct Plated Single Layer Wheels

Direct plated single layer wheels and tools are available any size from 0.020" to 36" diameter. These custom tools are designed and manufactured for specific applications. We will make these tools to your design or design the tool for you.

Direct plated single layer wheels cost less to use than other alternatives because they require no truing or dressing and they are recycled when worn out, by re-plating with new abrasive.

Plated wheels also cut faster because the single layer of abrasive is well exposed for aggressive cutting.

If you have an idea of what you want but it’s not definitively designed, let us help! Our staff is proficient in computer aided design, and we offer the design service free of charge.

Standard design direct plated diamond and CBN wheels are an alternative to grind hard non ferrous and ferrous materials.

Type 2A2 wheel

Type 11V9 and 6A2 wheels

Type 1A1 wheel