Hi-Performance Superabrasive Bore Hones

You now have a quality alternative to traditional Sunnen honing stones.
Hi-Performance Superabrasive produces metal bonded diamond and CBN honing stones, including Sunnen style stones, for quality and cost conscious manufacturing facilities. Stones and related tooling are engineered to meet or exceed the quality of competitive products and pass on significant cost savings at the same time.Hi-Performance Superabrasive  also makes diamond and CBN honing tools for other honing systems, including Barnes, Nagel, Engis, Accu-Cut, Toyo, Micromatic, Gehring, Kadia Jones & Shipman, Fuji.
Mandrels and tooling from Hi-Performance Superabrasive may be adapted to any honing machine. The tooling is specifically designed to promote manufacturing efficiencies, and to provide longer life, better bore geometry, and better finishes. Mandrels are available in singe-stone and multi-stone designs. Hi-Performance Superabrasive also creates diamond electroplated wear resistant surfaces.