Single Pass Bore Finishers

Superabrasive single-pass bore finishing tools are used to finish hone accurate holes in both hard and soft materials. They are a highly productive alternative to conventional stroke bore honing.

  • Wide range of tolling immediately available from stock
  • Speeds finishing operations on a wide variety of materials
  • Provide predictable, consistent, hole size and geometry…for near zero rejection rates
  • Helical design reduces tool loading, overheating and torque requirements…for extended life

Single Pass Diamond Bore Finishing for use in engine connecting rods, valve guides, electric motor rotors, hydraulic valve bores, bearing bores, fuel injector bores


  • Convential honing
  • Bore grinding
  • Reaming
  • Bore Lapping

…with a simple automated process.

What can DBF do for you?

  • Single Pass Diamond Bore Finishing can quickly produce accurate holes in any material
  • Electroplated diamond abrasive coating wears slowly, tool life is long and size adjustment is infrequent
  • Used in conventional machines or dedicated bore finishing machine
  • Reduced hole finishing cost, faster production
  • Requires little skill to operate

Engis Multi-Spindle Vertical Bore Finishing Machine

Array of Single Pass Diamond Bore Finishers

Array of diamond bore finishingapplications